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Why study at FGPA?

Dear students, our future freshmen

Our faculty trains professionals from a wide field, known as civil engineering, which brings together construction and industrial engineers, traffic and transportation engineers and architects. All these areas are also included in the name of our faculty – Faculty of civil engineering, transportation engineering and architecture (FGPA).

Construction was the driving force behind the development of human civilization from prehistoric times to the present day and will continue to exist and develop in the future. This is also the theme of our motto “WITH KNOWLEDGE WE BUILT THE SPACE OF OUR FUTURE”. Even if there is no new investment in buildings and infrastructure in a given period, old and dilapidated buildings are demolished, rehabilitated, reconstructed, and maintained. All these activities require construction professionals. At the moment, there is a serious shortage of personnel in the above-mentioned fields in Slovenia, and graduates of our faculty are almost all immediately employed.

By enrolling in FGPA you’ll become a member of a huge family of professionals who link and bring together the distant past, the present and the future. Our faculty will help you build your career path by offering a diverse academic environment that connects our locally and internationally renowned lecturers, lecturers from abroad, lecturers from established design firms and companies, and the opportunity to study on a variety of programmes and levels of study.

To help you decide on your future career path, I kindly and cordially invite you to the upcoming information days, where you will get all the necessary and detailed information about the study programmes, ways of studying and the various extra-curricular activities at our faculty.


Kind regards,

Dean, izr. prof. dr. Andrej Ivanič


We build the space of the future with knowledge.

Diverse academic environment

skupinska slika vseh treh, na sredini stoji prejemnik z odprtim priznanjem

  • Locally and internationally recognised staff
  • Foreign lecturers
  • Teamwork in small groups
  • Lecturers from esteemed design companies
  • Personal relationship

Diverse study programmes and levels

dve zenski gledata brosuro

  • Professional programmes
  • Bachelor’s programmes
  • Master’s programmes
  • PhD programmes

Cooperation with the business and social sector

polje slikano iz zracne prespektive na njem pa oblika cebele

  • Participating in national and international projects
  • Workshops for companies and municipalities
  • Lectures by experts, attending exhibitions and fairs

Attractive location

soba slikana iz kota, v sobi so stoli in mize

  • Spatial capacities at two locations, on Smetanova and on Krekova street; equipped with computer classrooms, laboratories, study and project rooms, as well as workshops for making models
  • Proximity of student dormitories, libraries, sports and recreational facilities, and the city centre
  • Over 250 sunny days in Maribor provide opportunities for sports and other extracurricular activities

Maribor is a city of culture

reka drava v kateri supajo tri osebe, za njimi je viden most

  • It is safe, affordable, and a pleasant city to live and study in
  • Active and social student life
  • Tutoring
  • Field trips
  • Sports, social, and cultural events
  • Erasmus projects – international student exchange

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