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Students' opinions

Civil engineering

I started my studies at FGPA in 2011 after graduating from the II. Secondary school in Maribor. Even as a child, I was keen observer of what was happening on the construction sites around me, so it wasn’t hard to find out what it was to make me happy. Later, during my secondary school years, I knew that this was the field I wanted to work in, and so I enrolled at the FGPA. If you choose to study what you are passionate about, then you cannot go wrong.
Matic Ledinek

Module Civil engineering structures was for me the logical choice, as I have always been interested in how a structure ‘breathes’ and bears load. After all, how many professions are there in which you can show something to your loved ones and proudly say that you were involved in the design and that the structure is built partly because of your work?
Jasna Kruškić

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture strives for good relations between students and professors which I’ve also noticed. The professors were always open to questions and discussions on current topics in their field of expertise. The joint preparation and collaboration with classmates were definitely a great help in my studies, as it made the learning more relaxed and of course more effective.
Tomaž Goričan


Studying architecture was a choice that combined creativity, technical sciences and art. In the first year of my studies, I started to draw objects on paper in a field that was relatively unknown to me, and at the same time I started to build up an idea what architecture really meant.
Sanja Špindler, mag. inž. arh.

Studying architecture is definitely a decision I will never regret, because it gives you a lot of new practical knowledge already in the first year, while at the same time allowing you to be constantly creative, improve your skills and broaden your culture.
Taja Weingerl

Industrial engineering

After the first semester of the study programme Industrial engineering at FGPA, I was sure that I selected a super programme which gives me an insight into both construction and economics that is indispensable at every turn these days. I believe that this is why the profession of industrial engineer is one of those that will build our future.
Tjaša Fekonja
Industrial engineering graduate

Transportation and traffic engineering

The field of transport engineering allows for continuous upgrading of knowledge even after graduation, as innovation in this field is a constant and enables graduates to continuously develop their competences, which is the only way to remain competitive in the wider international environment to provide optimal solutions for us and our successors.
Andraž Mlaker

I decided to study at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture because I wanted to try something new. I chose this faculty because the city of Maribor is convenient for me, and our faculty has some very friendly and understanding professors you can always contact.
Selšek Nika

During the studies I also recognized how complex this study course is as well as transport itself. It’s not only about operating trains, cars, buses and other means of transport. It demands planning, different ideas, innovations, comfortable and safe transport of passengers from point A to point B, management of infrastructure, fleet, and many other things. Moreover, the study of transportation engineering includes various knowledge from construction, architecture, economy, environmental protection and other fields of science, which is a great advantage.
Sergej Drakulić

The field of transportation engineering is very wide and interesting, therefore is very dynamic. The traffic growth and extremely fast development of digitalization are the main motivators to keep me going.
Ulrich Zorin
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