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Architecture (UN) University study

Are you creative? Do you have an idea of how to design spaces? Do you want to combine your sense of aesthetics with technological know-how?
Bachelor study programme Architecture provides fundamental and specific applicable knowledge that not only allows you to design structures but also to design modern cities.
You’ll learn how to plan residential, working and free-time areas. The study includes lectures by regular and invited professors from industry, lots of practical work in projects and numerous excursions. Main contents deal with architectural design as a complex creative process. You’ll gain knowledge about structures, materials and technical principles of construction. Knowledge in history and theory of architecture will serve you as a source of inspiration. Various presentation methods will help you to put your ideas on ‘paper’ and into reality.

Note: The two degree study of Architecture is carried out according to Bologna Declaration (Bachelor study programme Architecture lasts 3 years, Master’s programme 2 years).

3 years 6 semesters
180 ECTS
regular type of study




Scheme of the subject matter

Study programme enrolment and selection criteria at limited enrolment

The enrolment into university degree study programme of Architecture is possible if:

    • the student has passed the matura examination,
    • the student has passed the vocational matura in any secondary school programme and the examination in matura subject mathematics or foreign language, if he passed mathematics as the vocational matura examination,
    • the student has completed any secondary school programme before 1.6.1995.

All applicants must pass a test of talent.


If only a limited number of students are admitted, the candidates from the a) and c) are selected according to:

  • performance in the examination of talent 60 % points,
  • general performance in matura examination or secondary school leaving examination 20 % points,
  • general performance in the 3rd and 4th year of the secondary school 20 % points.


The candidates from b) are selected according to:

  • performance in the examination of talent 60 % points,
  • general performance in vocational matura examination 15% points,
  • general performance in the 3rd and 4th year of the secondary school 20 % points,
  • degree in matura subject 5 % points.
Main study programme objectives and general competences of graduates, gained at study programme

Fundamental programme goals of the study programme Architecture are:

  • To educate an expert in architecture according to the European guidelines and to provide an internationally comparable programme in order to enable the graduates further postgraduate studies in Slovenia and at institutions in Europe and worldwide, as well as to provide employment opportunities.
  • To offer specific knowledge and skills from architecture and spatial planning that the graduates enable to proceed their studies in postgraduate study programme architecture or related postgraduate programmes. Undergraduate programme Architecture connects knowledge from different areas of architectural design, urban and spatial planning that include: – gaining design and spatial planning skills by presentation techniques and designing,
  • gaining contents from natural sciences, engineering, humanism and sociology, history, art and environment protection,
  • knowledge in sociological basics of relations in the built environment and space (this helps to understand the profession of an architect and the role of an architect in the society)
  • suitable knowledge for problem solving in construction, technology and engineering, understanding of processes in construction industry and other companies, together with legislation and regulation (ability of realisation in practise),
  • holistic approach that enables qualification in architectural, urban and spatial design, in terms of aesthetics and engineering, based on understanding of history and architecture theory.


In terms of course-specific competences, students of the university undergraduate study programme Architecture will gain:

  • ability to fulfil aesthetic and technical requirements of design and construction based on acquired fundamental knowledge in architectural and spatial design
  • ability to understand the history and theory of architecture and related arts and sciences
  • ability to understand artistic sciences and their influences on the quality of architectural design – ability to understand elements of urbanism in other activities of spatial design
  • ability to connect basics of engineering economics and problems of environmental protection with design of structures and construction products
  • ability to participate in the process of architectural design and in the performance control in terms of the independent technical evaluation based on scientific and professional analysis and synthesis
  • ability to understand the importance and needs of harmonious relationship between a human and built environment and between buildings and their environment in order to meet human needs and suitable measures
  • ability to understand elements of the architectural profession and its role in society
Criteria for completing the study

The study is completed when all obligations, prescribed by the study programmes are fulfilled, and 180 ECTS are collected.

Elective courses

Students can choose between the following elective courses:

  • spaces of city
  • methodology of environmental impact assessment
  • digital prefabrication
  • interior design
  • sport

all of the elective courses are available here

Criteria for transfer between study programmes

According to Criteria for transferring between study programmes, candidates can enroll into:

  • the second or third year of the 1st degree university study programme Architecture, if they terminate the education in their first study programme and they proceed study within the same programme of the same degree or enrol into a new study programme of the same degree. They can transfer from the field of architecture and architecture-related disciplines (landscape architecture, urbanism).
  • The enrolment of the higher vocational graduates into the 1st degree university study programme is not possible.


The transfer is possible under the following conditions:

  • if candidates fulfil conditions for the enrolment into the first year of the 1st degree university study programme Architecture,
  • if they come from the study programme which provides comparable competences or learning outcomes,
  • if at least half of the obligations according to the European transfer credit system (hereinafter ECTS) can be recognized from the first study programme that are related to the mandatory courses of the second study programme.
  • Decision about transferring from one study programme into another is made by the relevant committee of the senate from the faculty where the candidate wants to continue the studies.


According to the Regulations on knowledge and skill recognition in study programmes of the University of Maribor, the candidates should provide the faculty with:

  • application for knowledge and skill recognition at the University of Maribor,
  • certificate on completed study obligations (examinations) with grades and number of credits,
  • accredited syllabi of the completed courses,
  • confirmation about the payment of the procedure.

When transferring from one study programme into another, completed study obligations can be recognized according to the contents, scope and complexity of knowledge in the new programme, also, new obligations are determined which a candidate should complete in order to finish the studies in a new study programme.

Assessment criteria

Regulations and syllabi provide for each study unit forms of evaluation and assessment. Instantaneous methods of knowledge evaluation and assessment are encouraged, enabling students to control their own study development.

Study advancement options

Graduates from the university degree study programme (first degree) are admitted to master’s studies (second degree), according to the requirements established by the faculty offering post-graduate studies.

Program brochure

naslovna slika brosure za arhitekturo

My choice of architecture study was definitely a right decision. It didn’t give me only standard knowledge and skills but also broad-mindedness and forced me to travel, discover foreign cities, meet people from all over the world, from foreign cultures. Architecture is a profession that lasts a lifetime, because the desire to be creative never goes away and it’s the profession I love the most.
Matic Kašnik
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